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I listen to albums and tell you if they’re good enough to listen to. What else do you want?

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Rating System

9.75-10: These are some of the best albums I’ve ever heard, and will live on as favorites of mine beyond just their year. Tagged as AOTY Candidate.

9-9.5: These are AOTY (Album of The Year) candidates, and rank among the best albums I’ve heard that year. Albums that amazed me. Also tagged as AOTY Candidate

8-8.75: These are albums I loved and massively enjoyed, but didn’t have that extra something special to rank among the year’s best. Tagged as Highly Recommended.

7-7.75: These are albums I enjoyed. Nothing wowed me, but they were still overall solid enough for me to have a great experience with them. Tagged as Recommended.

6-6.75: These are albums I liked enough, but weren’t particularly interesting enough to grab the recommended tag. Good, but not great albums.

5-5.75: These are albums that had both good and bad elements to them, leaving them somewhere in the middle. Overall average, but with some potential.

4-4.75: These are the boring and generic albums. Albums with little imagination that aren’t really awful, but left me completely uninterested and unsatisfied.

3-3.75: These are just bad. Not really disgustingly bad, but just plain not good. These go beyond generic and have actively negative qualities about them that aren’t redeemed by something else.

2-2.75: These are awful albums the go beyond just being not good to being actively terrible to listen to. This is where you start to get to the really shitty stuff.

1-1.75: These are some of the worst albums I’ve listened to that year. There are little to no redeeming qualities, only not receiving a 0 because there is just some semblance “quality”. Just some little thing that makes me think the album isn’t quite worth the worst score I can give.

0-0.75: These are some of the worst albums I’ve ever heard in my entire life. If your album gets this score, please consider never making music ever again.