Winterhorde – Maestro

I feel like this is just on the cusp of being great, but not quite there. It’s incredibly consistent, but rarely does any track absolutely wow me (with the exception of They Came with Eyes of Fire and maybe the title track). The main melodies are pretty samey, but there’s just enough variation that I don’t mind it too much. I love the heavy progressive tinge to the record, really separates itself from other sympho black album. This isn’t just campy symphonics, there’s actual compositional skill involved. Overall this is good, but I don’t think it justifies the length at all, and consistently only gets your far if it’s consistently amazing, rather than consistently decent.


Mondfinsternis – Where the Heaven Ends ALBUM REVIEW

There are many warning signs to let to know that an album is going to be bad. And you can take in these before you even listen to the album sometimes. To name a few
1. The band has released 2 full albums within a month of each other
2. The album art contains an actual photograph of an animal that just so happens to have been run through photoshop by someone who has had photoshop for probably only a few months
3. The band that made the album self labels themselves as “epic metal” on their bandcamp

Coincidentally, this album happens to have all of these warning signs. So how “epic” really is this “epic metal” album? Well, not very epic at all. Actually, it’s not much metal at all either. If I were to completely guess with no effort put into any actual measurement at all, I would say that there’s about 5-6 minutes of actual metal on this album, and the rest high quality 90s point and click PC game music with what sounds like a drunk russian attempting to “sing” black metal vocals but failing. Fortunately, despite it being extremely awful music, the one saving grace is that high quality midi music generally doesn’t hurt your ears as long as the production volume isn’t cranked up to 11. So actually this isn’t that unpleasant of an album to listen to. It’s just really bad in every other way. But hey, focus on the positives, right?

It’s come to my attention that dungeon synth anything is going to be extremely bad, yet I’ve heard that there is indeed good dungeon synth. It’s like how you’ve heard there are high quality McDonalds in other countries, but it’s pretty hard to believe until you’ve seen it. Also to all bands out there, please stop capitalizing “The” in a song title if it’s not at the beginning. That’s bad and you should feel bad. Almost as bad as this album is. But not quite, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


Крода [Kroda] – Ginnungagap Ginnungagaldr Ginnungakaos ALBUM REVIEW

The first thing that caught my attention were the vocals. Almost like the singer is struggling to get the words out, to the point where there is voice cracking, which is not exactly what I was expecting. It took a bit to get used to, but eventually I settled into the album and all was good. And once you do get used to them, it is a good sounding album. The problem is that once you’ve heard the first two tracks, you’ve basically heard the entire album. Don’t get my wrong, the album is good, it’s just that you can only listen to one song so much before it gets a bit boring, which this album did. It didn’t help that the only break from the main core of the album were acoustic guitar sections, which is about as cliche as you can get in black metal. Basically, this is a good album, it just isn’t anything more than that.