Myrath – Legacy

You know you’re in a special kind of hell when you want to like an album ironically and can’t because it’s actually good. This is the greatest arabic sporkcore album ever made. How is Believer not every person on the planet’s jam? And yes, I saw the music video, fuck you it’s amazing in a “so bad it’s good but no really it’s actually kinda good in a bad way” way. I just wish the album wasn’t one track long.


Subterranean Masquerade – The Great Bazaar ALBUM REVIEW

This album seems so manufactured it’s ridiculous. I was really excited when I saw it labeled “arabic folk music” (i’m an aspiring ethno-musicologist, so this shit is my game). Little did I know how cartoonish and silly it would be executed it. It’s cartoonish and almost offensive in how they portray arabic folk music, the melodies are way more pop rock than progressive anything, and just for kicks, they’re completely random death vocals, because why the fuck not right? And when I say random, I MEAN random. They’ll just switch back and forth without any warning or reason. And they’re often, no, ALWAYS completely out of place. Now, I have a thing for switching back between harsh and clean vocals, if done right. I love that stuff. This is not that. At all. The sad part is, I can’t really rate this lower because the instrumentals, although they contain really forced ethnic influences, aren’t actually bad and have some good moments. It’s jut the everything else in this album that makes you feel like you just watched a bad disney movie.


Melechesh – Enki ALBUM REVIEW

A truly unique album in that it manages to make arabic inspired metal without it being too corny or phony. Unfortunately, it’s pretty standard aside from that. I did love the arabic folk music track that didn’t actually contain any metal in it at all, that was a nice break. I just wish there could’ve been something more, to say a word I really shouldn’t say, “epic” about the album to make me like it more, because the concept was really great.