Sanguine Relic – III – The Vampyre Weeps in Secrecy of the Night

Apparently I actually do have a limit on how lo-fi and badly made a black metal album can be before I actually don’t like it. This is just squarely a bad album, with little worth listening to. I do find it funny that the band figured the one thing the album needed was a black metal cover of a Bjork song. As if using guitars to cover a song entirely made with saxophones will make the record great. I’d love to see the conversation that led to that, or rather lack of conversation (or any sort of thought really). In case you were wondering, no they don’t nail the cover, very much the opposite in fact, as expected.


Djevel – Saa Raa og Kald ALBUM REVIEW

Now THIS is good shit. Enough of that atmospheric bullshit, this is pure fucking black metal, with everything you could possibly want in it. Raw as fuck vocals? Check. Driving, banging, crushing your skull until you collapse blast beats? Check. Dark as fuck tremolo riffs? Check. Oh but it has more than that. You want some archaic chanting? Got it. Spoken word stuff for aesthetics? Got it. All the making of a fantastic black metal album with little frills and emotional shit. Not to say that it doesn’t make you feel emotions, but it’s mostly emotions of “Fuck yeah this is black as fuck shit!”. But probably my favorite part of the whole album, is actually in the 5th track, where after the song ends, the blast beats actually continue on for like, 10-15 seconds, increasing in intensity, as if the drummer is so pumped up and full of hate that he just needs some extra time to let it all out. Kinda like the ending to Whiplash, except jazz is for pussies. If there’s one complaint about the album, it’s the opening track. It’s a weird reverse spoken word thing that really disorients you, and not in a good way. It took me a while to get back into the album, and when I did it was great, but it still seemed like it really didn’t need to be there. They did the reverse spoken word much better in the last track, where there was actual instrumentation around it. Still, fantastic album, definitely one of the highlights of the pure black metal genre.