Acrania – Fearless ALBUM REVIEW

This album would get an automatic 8 for the very fact that it mixed two outrageously different genres together and didn’t suck. It gets even higher when it mixes those two genres and excels way beyond any of my expectations. On the opposite spectrum of metal that’s based on the cold northern winters of the Scandinavia, this metal is based on the hot, blazing temperatures of Mexico. The guitars sound hot, and the tempo is lively and hot, with the actual latin jazz percussion section and beats. But despite the heat themed metal, what actually makes this album so amazing is how cool and relaxed it is. Yeah the beats can be rapid and scorching, but when this album really gets great is when it sits back and chills. At times it feels like it’s not even metal at all, and not in a bad way. It’s sort of like putting the AC on on a hot day. That always feels refreshing. This album is a breath of fresh air, and if you want someone not only really different, but really good, check this out.