Void Omnia – Dying Light

I feel like there’s a lot of potential here that’s just not recognized yet. For the most part, this is just a moderately well done, very noisy atmo black album that takes themes from space, but not in a way where those themes are even noticeable. This isn’t really that important of a criticism, but I feel like if you’re trying to go for a theme, you need to make that theme at least somewhat apparent to the listener in order for it to be worth pursuing. I get how there’s these euphoric, atmospheric riffs that kind of display the notion of space a bit, but not enough for me to really be interested in the theme. That aside, I do think that at times the noisy, cold, yet engulfing atmosphere of the record really wows me into a sense of wonder, as if looking up at the stars on a clear night with a strong wind blowing in my face. The problem however is variety. There just isn’t enough there for me to consistently stay interested in the music. I really would’ve loved to hear more of the doom metal aspects of this album like on Emptied Heartless, that perked me up and really made me engage in what was otherwise a sonically flat-lining album. Thank god this was only around 40 minutes, I would’ve grown quite tired if this had stretched the 50+ minute mark. I already feel like I would’ve liked this a lot more as a 20 minute ep. Even so, I did enjoy what I heard in a general sense. Void Omnia has the overall sound part down, they sound like a band who knows what their music wants to be like, and I feel like they have the talent to possibly create a spectacular album based off that. They just need to learn to branch from that core sound and create an album that’s a bit easier to listen to by letting the listener take a break from their celestial noise.