Vastum – Hole Below ALBUM REVIEW

A punishing album full of riffs that bring you pain, and growls that bring you doom, Hole Below could very well be that of the hole where a serial killer keeps its victims, which in this case you’re 15 feet down in. It’s almost industrial like sections bring the listener an overwhelming sense of dread, creating a massively unsafe and uneasy environment. The inescapable feel of dread fills the listener at every waking moment, as if every strum of the guitar is a footstep of the killer about to come fetch you and bring you to your demise. All in all, this is an album for those who want to feel as if they are in mortal danger, and for those who wish to have their organs turned to spaghetti sauce…

…Is what I feel like I should feel when listening to this. Alas, I do not. It could just be chalked up to current listening mood, the temperature in the room, how much I shat today, who knows. Even after repeated listens, I’m not feeling this. I recognize that this is a great work, but my feelings aren’t syncing up with that. The album, although executing its desired vibe well, feels hollow. It feels like every song is relatively the same, which isn’t typically a complaint I have with death metal, as that’s sort of a staple with most traditional death metal tracks. But here it’s amplified for some reason. Perhaps just because I was expecting more, as it starts out promising with an industrial/ambient like intro, which I expected to be utilized much more throughout the album. I debated on whether or not I should give the my approval anyway, however I feel like I should stay true to my gut feeling and give this a more modest rank. I still encourage people to check this out, as I’m sure everyone else will feel differently than me.