Valkyrie – Shadows ALBUM REVIEW

If anything, this album taught me that there is a limit to how generic a stoner rock/trad doom album can be before it doesn’t please me anymore. Previously, considering my ratings and feelings on pretty much all of this genre that i had listened to, I did not think it was possible. I thought as long as isn’t shit it’ll shit, it’ll get at least a 6. I was thankfully proven wrong. Sure, it has good riffs, but let’s be real, anything in which the point of the whole genre is riffs is going to have at least a few good ones. That’s just probability, if you put enough ideas out there, some of them will be good. But you to do more than what is expect to get an above average score. I generally like things that are generic but well done, however that’s under the assumption that it’s REALLY well done. If you want to really get technical, this is a “well don” album in that it sounds professional, but that should be the minimum of what any album should do, unless the purpose is the opposite. This sounds professional, but it lacks any sort of imagination. It’s all things I’ve heard before multiple times over. I actually had to really convince myself to give this a fair grade, because one part of me was yelling “but it sounds good!”. So I had to wrangle myself in and tell my biases to commit jihad, because if I want to be objective, this doesn’t deserve anything above a 5. So I’m giving it a 5.5, because I really suck at wrangling myself in.