Unbreakable Hatred – Ruins ALBUM REVIEW

From what anyone would’ve guessed on an album with an actual tracks called “Natural Disaster” (because when I listen to death metal and hear all the gurgling vocals from another planet, combined with riffs that reek of disembodied heads and repulsive creatures from another dimension, I think of tropical storms), “Primitive Thoughts” (obviously inspired by their own cognitive processes), or the brilliant Pulitzer-winning title “Luxurious Sickness” (which sounds as if they just pulled two contrasting words out of a hat and made a song title out of it), this is a work of unassuming mediocrity. Lacking are the technical melodies and groovy basslines one comes to expect from genuinely good tech death. In it’s place are mindless sweeps of the fret board, chugs in place of any sort of counterpoint, and technical/not-so-technical arpeggios disguised as some sort of melodic solos. I think that’s what really puts me off about this record, there doesn’t seem to be any thought put into it at all. While yes, it’s rather inoffensive as a whole, inoffensive is not an excuse to be boring and mindless. I’m not pretentious enough to say that tech death is supposed to make you think, but I AM pretentious enough to say that it’s supposed to get your brain off of neutral. This does not accomplish that in the slightest, acting more as one small pebble at the bottom of a lake, rather than one decent sized rock skipping across the surface. Basic tremelo riffs don’t work in a genre meant to not be basic, so while this album isn’t exactly an affront to society, it is certainly not worth receiving a high score.

And for the love of god can these guys get not the cheapest artist they can find to do their cover art? If you’re going to be mediocre, at least don’t look that way.