Sunstone – Sunstone ALBUM REVIEW

Can I first say how much I miss oldschool style metal album covers? Where it looked like it was actually painted by hand rather than done in the latest computer art program? They looked so much more homely. This kind of reminds me of that. I mean sure the rock in the front looks like a pile of turds, but I’ll forgive that for giving me something that’s actually painted. To the music itself, the instrumentals are actually not bad. The problem is everything else, particularly the vocals, which are, to be frank, inexcusably bad. I can’t even really describe them in a clever metaphor, they transcend that, they are just pure shit, end of story. The lyrics are equally as laughable, being stereotyped generic stoner shit, which is amplified by the drunk orangutan trying to sing them. I had high hopes for this, but needless to say, they were quickly dashed. Pretty damn bad album.