Sorrow Plagues – An Eternity of Solitude ALBUM REVIEW

You ever listened to an album that was so sappy it made you want to kill yourself? This is that. While Moonlover was the good side of hipstorcore, this is the “waterboard the band members with pumpkin frappicinos” side of hipstercore. I couldn’t finish this. I always make an major effort to finish an album, because it could always end up better than how it started. Many albums I’ve listened to have had mediocre first halfs, only for the second half to be utterly unbelievable. I absolutely could not manage to do that with An Eternity of Solitude, mostly because an eternity of solitude sounds much more pleasant than listening to this ep. Hell I couldn’t even get past the second track. Cheesy synths, chord progressions that make you want to throw up, the laughably inexplicable use of bells, this has everything you could possibly want to not have in a blackgaze album. Blackgaze is already cheesy enough with the post-rock influences, don’t ham it up more. The only reason this doesn’t get a lower score is because at the very least the band members seem to be able to competently play their instruments, but if that’s the biggest compliment you can achieve, you might want to find a different career. Or just play random notes and call it avant-garde, I’d probably like it better honestly.