Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est ALBUM REVIEW

At first listen, I didn’t think much of this album. I thought, yeah it’s showing ugliness in music, but I didn’t have much more than that. Then I went to review it and saw how highly rated it was. I thought “wait, really? But how?”. So I decided maybe I should at least give it a second chance. And yeah, it was one hell of a chance. I realized that this was the closest thing to Schoenberg metal I’ve heard. It goes by basically the same principles of disregarding previous conceptions and training and just going with your primal instinct. The extreme dissonance and primal, guttural, and incoherent yelling exhibit this, more so than in another death metal album and this doesn’t really have that much of a formal structure or chord progression to it. Overall a masterpiece and certainly one of the AOTY candidates.