Primal Fear – Rulebreaker ALBUM REVIEW

What a sorry excuse for an album. Beyond the insipid lyrical content, which I can excuse somewhat for a power metal album, the songwriting and solo work are beyond the acceptable levels of mediocre. The solos are either glorified scale practice, or generic, nonsensical “shredding” (if you can even call it that). The main musical content itself is actually not a mix of power metal and heavy metal, more an either or. Each song is either an extremely uninspired butt metal piece, which abuse of rhythm guitar and chugging instead of any actual song material, or an actually pretty ok, but generic power metal track. Their split about 50/50 throughout the album, so the most excitement you’ll get out of this album is gambling on whether or not you’re going to feel unclean listening to the next track or not.

Riffs? What riffs? Oh you mean those basic bitch melodies that Primal Fear is calling riffs? Yeah those are here, what about them? Honestly, Primal Fear is probably too old to give a shit, they’re making money off this, why bother making any effort? There’s no other explanation to the tracks We Walk Without Fear and In Metal We Trust. We Walk is essentially a Powerslave era Iron Maiden wannabe, without any of the talent that made Iron Maiden good. It seemed like the track just started, then I look back at the song timer and I’m 8 minutes of 11 into the track, and nothing fucking happened. In Metal We Trust is just a travesty. Beyond the fact that no band makes a metal tribute song like that without being a massively washed up heavy metal band, the lyrics themselves are so damn insincere and obviously pandering to their fans it’s disgusting. I don’t think I would believe any band takes metal to heart if their song proclaiming so featured one repeated riff the entire song.

Rulebreaker is lazy, stupid, and a waste of space, made as a cash grab by a dying band who desperately wants to be relevant. Well, not entirely. If they were desperate they would actually put effort into things. Primal Fear just doesn’t give enough of a shit for something like that.