Mechina – Progenitor ALBUM REVIEW


Bland Symphonic backtracks?: Check
Shitty electronic bits that have nothing to do with the music?: Check
Vocals that sound like they belong in “Generic Djent album #3849230348”?: Check
Cheese that is simultaneously not self aware, but not totally sincere either?: Check
Nearly indistinguishable tracks?: Check
Mindless chugging?: Check
BONUS – Is it a Mechina album?: Check, double check

About the only thing Progenitor doesn’t check is incompetent musicianship, but these guys don’t exactly show they’re virtuosos either. I’ll admit the main riff of Cryoshock is actually pretty groovy, but everything else about this album is complete, and utter trash.


Mechina – Acheron ALBUM REVIEW

Everything about this album seems manufactured in some way. The riffs are stale and processed, the symphonic parts seem generic and uninspired, and the ethnic influences seem forced. The entire album is going for cheap epicness and while at times it has some cool sections, overall it’s just a completely uninspired mess.