In Darkest Dreams – The Vanishing

I’m actually really disappointed. Not that this is bad,  I knew from the start that this would be awful. A self labeled christian death metal band from Oklahoma with a glaring red and black bandcamp page, topped off with a 10$ price tag for an independently released debut? Nothing but wrong could come from that. What I’m disappointed with is that this wasn’t as hilarious as I thought it would be. I mean sure, the midis at the beginning were pretty jokes, and the insanely cringeworthy lyrics are gold, but that’s all there is to really laugh at here. Because as a whole, this is just really bad death metal. Bad, and very, very repetitive death metal. That guitar tone is so fucking annoying that I stopped listening 3 tracks from the end because I had a huge fucking headache and had to take an ibuprofen and lay down for a while.

God this is like 50 minutes of someone beating your skull in with a steel cross. Is this how demons feel when they get exorcised? Fuck no wonder they leave, I wouldn’t want to experience hell in two places at once either. Devil probably pays like shit anyway, with no benefits at that, I wouldn’t need any more shit from surface-goers. Probably move to haunt a Buddhist house, they’re supposed to not kill things.