Groteskh – Code: End ALBUM REVIEW

I’d call this blackcore, but I’m not entirely confident that’s really a genre yet. Still, has a lot of metalcore influence in it, particularly in melody structure and the rhythmic chugging. I get a very “hipster”ish vibe from this album, however I’m not someone who as soon as they hear anything that isn’t “trve”, doesn’t go into a conniption and immediately goes to metalarchives or and rages in the forum echo chamber. Instead I take it one album at a time. This certainly has merits to it, the chugging isn’t grating, and the atmosphere, while a bit samey, is certainly pleasant, if a bit soft. The vocals , are a bit unusual, being very raspy and deep. Sounds sort of like if a jaguar tried to speak english. That’s not necessarily a insult, creative vocals are certainly something I look for as much as possible. Does it fit with the music, not that much. Is it kinda cool, sure, which is good enough to make it a plus in my mind. Code: End certainly isn’t a worldbeater, but I’d take it over much of what I’ve heard this year, from any genre.