Ferium – Behind the Black Eyes

To be honest, for the large majority of this record, I feel like I just don’t have too much of an opinion other than it sounds great. I was really trying to determine what kind of hardcore this is, or if it’s just groove metal. In the end I figured it doesn’t matter, although I guess it’s more groove metal. In general it was just a good album that had some good riffs, good vocals, and was solid all around, but the tracks were a bit too short, and there wasn’t too much meat here. And then A Free Man happened. That is legitimately the greatest groove metal track I’ve ever heard. That main riff still haunts me as I write this. I didn’t think it was possible for chugs to make me nearly cry, but fuck it happened man. It’s like super emotional, but it doesn’t seem forced like so much else that has any sort of core or groove influence in it. I really wish the rest of the album had more longer, a bit more emotive tracks that feel like the band put their heart and soul into it. Right now it’s a good record with solid musical material, but I don’t think it’s really super special in any way, other than being groove metal that isn’t shit. Still worth checking out I think.