Crown of Twilight – Shadow Kingdom ALBUM REVIEW

I don’t feel like this deserves a long review so I’ll skip the intro section and go right into it. This album is bad, there’s no other way to say it. No matter how long the tracks are, it’s really just one riff repeated over and over again until the song ends. The synths are bad, and the guitar tone varies from actually quite listenable, to extremely shallow and hard to hear. I should’ve known this by the cover honestly. The picture is nice, and the logo is cool, but it just looks too clean and crisp. It looks amateurish really. The only reason this doesn’t have a lower rating is how inoffensive it is. Because while not much goes on, it’s harder to rate something lower for doing too little, than by doing a lot, but doing it all wrong. So yeah, this is bad, don’t listen to it and all that jazz.