Bloodiest – Bloodiest ALBUM REVIEW

These driving rhythms are amazing. It feels like each track is constantly moving forward towards the climax, and then continuing onward into infinity. It feels almost tribal, like each track that isn’t an interlude is a ritual that you’re hearing be completed. And how about those vocals? God damn these vocals are absolutely perfect. Partially strained cleans that continue to rise into high intensity screams as the climax beings. Bloodiest has Neurosis levels of buildup and climax in their tracks. Meaning they’re one of the few bands in their genre to actually know what the fuck they’re doing. There are no cheesy chord progressions, the buildup is built on dynamics (not just playing louder), rhythm, and overall intensity. The tracks have progression in them. It feels like there’s a beginning, middle, and end, despite being continually on the rise until the final climax. Is the piano maybe a tad over the top? A little, yes, but it doesn’t hurt it at all. Honestly, this is one of the best atmo sludge albums I’ve heard in a long time…

Until I realized that once I heard the first track, I’d heard the entire album. Never have I been more disappointed with a lack of variety in an album than this. Because god dammit, the actual musical formula is brilliant, and makes for a perfect atmo sludge record, like literally what I would dream a perfect record of that genre to be like. But very rarely can you make an album that is essentially all in the same key work, and rarely is an album with a severe lack of tonal variety going to get the best marks from me.

Bloodiest is fantastic at what it does, but unfortunately you can only repeat perfection so many times until it’s no longer perfect anymore.