Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror ALBUM REVIEW

I’ve always personally thought Blind Guardian was an overrated band. Not a bad band, but they certainly did not live up to their extremely high ratings. Part of that is I feel like every album tries way too hard to be epic, like it’s some profound adventure or something. The problem is it really isn’t. Nothing about Blind Guardian is really epic in any way, except for maybe the fantasy movie tier string section. Epic is Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. That’s a power metal-esque album that has progression and great solos, like an actual adventures. Blind Guardian’s form of progression seems to be through songs that are different (but not that much so), but don’t really connect to each other, at least musically (I wasn’t really focusing on the lyrics, as power metal lyrics are not typically wondrous). This album specifically abuses the harmonic minor as if it’s a profound statement, but really it’s just one shoelace on a shoe, you can’t make an album with that. In short, there’s really nothing spectacular about this, it’s pretty good, nothing groundbreaking, but as always, Blind Guardian fans will come in droves and rant about how epic is it that a band is using an orchestra in the most superficial manner possible. Nothing has changed in the almost 30 years of this bands existence, and probably never will change.