Aleph – Thanatos ALBUM REVIEW

Holy hell what year is it that thrash has produced some of the years best work so far? This album has a bit of everything in it. The combination of chill prog breaks and hardcore thrash metal with harsh vocals is awesome to behold. The one thing that really got me was how surprisingly complex the harmonies and chord progressions could be at times. It seems like the guys from Aleph really know how to write music. The drumming is also insanely intricate, pulling off poly-rhythms and off-beat, mathy stuff.

I will say the vocals are quite lackluster. Not only do they have no rhythmic cohesion with the music, being delivered in a more black metal, free form style, the vocal texture is just plain bad. The guy just doesn’t sound right or have any cadence. I’d hate to describe something in as simple a terms as “bad”, but there isn’t really a particular element that makes the vocals so subpar, it’s just overall a terrible performance.

But what makes this album really above average in my opinion is the final track, which is the weird combination of industrial samples, church bells, spoken word samples, glitch, atonal acoustic guitar, and whatever the fuck else they could fit in. I can’t even think of what genre the music would be, it’s just fucking spooky, and differentiates this album as a thrash album that pushes the boundaries of what thrash metal is. Thanatos is a really fantastic album that brings you a new idea every time you think it’s run out of them. I just wish had higher quality vocals to push closer to the potential AOTY category.