Abigail Williams – The Accuser ALBUM REVIEW

First impressions are pretty much everything in music to me. I’m super guilty of almost making up my mind after I hear the first track, then spending the rest of the album trying to change that. And believe me, the first track here hit my like a monsoon. I like to imagine the first track is like a tornado tearing it’s way mercilessly through a peaceful village, nothing able to stand in it’s way, wreaking total havoc and mayhem in it’s path. Despite being as I described, it was an enjoyable experience, and I was heavily looking forward to what the rest of the album had in store for me.

What I got instead of a complete confused mess of different styles and influences that had no cohesion or focus. At some points the album is a soft, triumphant/not-so-triumphant atmo black album that reeks of pitchfork bait. Then it comes to Godhead and it’s right back to the beginning, only not nearly as powerful. You have tracks like Will, Wish, and Desire which destroy a perfectly unique atmosphere for something I’ve heard many times before. And then it goes right back to the good part, however this time with diminishing returns.

Nuumite is one of the best tracks on the album simply because it deviates from this formula and acts as a true “rest” track, giving the ears a breather to what should’ve been a harsh climate. Unfortunately, it’s also the last track on the album, making it sort of like as if halftime was put at the end of a football game instead of the middle.

Ultimately, The Accuser sounds as if Abigail Williams wanted to be taken seriously as a band, but didn’t quite know how. So instead of deciding between being overly dramatic, yet wishful atmospheric black metal, or destructive, swirling storm of death atmospheric black metal, they chose both at different times, resulting in a complete cacophony of an album that had plenty of potential to be great.