A Diadem of Dead Stars – Kingdoms Bathed in Golden Light

On the one hand, I appreciate the display of the beauty of night in the record, and having listened to this late at night, I got a certain cathartic feel with it that I haven’t achieved in a while, maybe since the Augrimmer record I reviewed earlier. I also really appreciated the night time field recordings of crickets and owls, it added a certain charm to the album. On the other, the two main 20 minute tracks do not justify their length at all, and the last track is just about useless. This album should not have been an hour long, even though it wasn’t really a bad listen in hindsight. I liked this, but if you can’t stand any kind of monotony, this is not the record for you, as the two 20 minute tracks can test your patience quite a bit. I have a bit of a tolerance for that, but it only goes so far.