A Pregnant Light – Rocky

I understand the whole story behind this album, I get why it’s so sad and everything… but it just doesn’t do it for me. The voicemail at the end hit hard, but the actual music was only pretty good. Very repetitive, though I really did like the chords he used at times. The acoustic guitars were awesome, but I think that overall that this would’ve worked better as a 10 minute song, rather than a 21 minute EP. Decent, but not amazing.



Reclaiming Elysium – A Decade of Silence

I really want to like this, but the band runs out of ideas after track 2. There’s some really awesome solos here, but the metalcore elements get annoying the further you progress into the album. The band is a nice reunion story, and the title refers to the fact that the original band (named Elysium, hence the new name) never finished their first album and broke up a decade ago. But as cool of a story as it is, they brought some questionable help from some questionable bands (namely Solipsist). No matter how cool the melodic solos are, the constant chugging is annoying, and the random acoustic guitar passages don’t add anything and seem more like pointless wank than anything else. It’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be, but not really worth a second look.



A Diadem of Dead Stars – Kingdoms Bathed in Golden Light

On the one hand, I appreciate the display of the beauty of night in the record, and having listened to this late at night, I got a certain cathartic feel with it that I haven’t achieved in a while, maybe since the Augrimmer record I reviewed earlier. I also really appreciated the night time field recordings of crickets and owls, it added a certain charm to the album. On the other, the two main 20 minute tracks do not justify their length at all, and the last track is just about useless. This album should not have been an hour long, even though it wasn’t really a bad listen in hindsight. I liked this, but if you can’t stand any kind of monotony, this is not the record for you, as the two 20 minute tracks can test your patience quite a bit. I have a bit of a tolerance for that, but it only goes so far.



Void Omnia – Dying Light

I feel like there’s a lot of potential here that’s just not recognized yet. For the most part, this is just a moderately well done, very noisy atmo black album that takes themes from space, but not in a way where those themes are even noticeable. This isn’t really that important of a criticism, but I feel like if you’re trying to go for a theme, you need to make that theme at least somewhat apparent to the listener in order for it to be worth pursuing. I get how there’s these euphoric, atmospheric riffs that kind of display the notion of space a bit, but not enough for me to really be interested in the theme. That aside, I do think that at times the noisy, cold, yet engulfing atmosphere of the record really wows me into a sense of wonder, as if looking up at the stars on a clear night with a strong wind blowing in my face. The problem however is variety. There just isn’t enough there for me to consistently stay interested in the music. I really would’ve loved to hear more of the doom metal aspects of this album like on Emptied Heartless, that perked me up and really made me engage in what was otherwise a sonically flat-lining album. Thank god this was only around 40 minutes, I would’ve grown quite tired if this had stretched the 50+ minute mark. I already feel like I would’ve liked this a lot more as a 20 minute ep. Even so, I did enjoy what I heard in a general sense. Void Omnia has the overall sound part down, they sound like a band who knows what their music wants to be like, and I feel like they have the talent to possibly create a spectacular album based off that. They just need to learn to branch from that core sound and create an album that’s a bit easier to listen to by letting the listener take a break from their celestial noise.


Spiritual Beggars – Sunrise to Sundown

I don’t even know what to think anymore. Some of the songs here are godly, some are completely forgettable. What Doesn’t Kill You, No Man’s Land, I Turn to Stone, and Southern Star are awesome stoner metal epics that utilize diverse instrumentation and progressive song writing to create memorable ballads full of color and beauty. The other tracks might as well not be there. Like none of them are bad, but I just don’t give a single shit about them, sort of like how a rhinoceros doesn’t give a single shit about the wage gap. They’re mostly just generic stoner metal tracks that you would find on any record that has 70s nostalgia as their goal. I liked this but I feel like the band’s age is starting to show, and they’re running out of ideas. Time kinda sucks like that.


Necronomicon – Advent of the Human God

Surprisingly decent sympho death. Doesn’t overuse the symphonic elements, while still using them appropriately. Other than that it doesn’t really have much substance to it, it’s sort of like watching a generic fantasy movie that has cool action scenes in it. I wouldn’t call it cheesy, more bland, if decently pleasant to listen to, than anything else.


Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens

You know what the genre of melo death needs right now? What this stale, lifeless, core infected genre that’s been dead since the early 2000s needs? It needs chugging and repetitive melodies. Lots of them. No wait, that’s not enough, we need to go further down the dante’s metal cancer inferno. Let’s add some pointless electronic elements. Just because you know, fuck it, when I woke today, as I got my morning coffee and stared out into the frozen wasted, the sun hidden behind endless fucking amounts of snow. I looked out and said to myself “jesus fuck I hate finland, I’m gonna be cancer today to cope with that fact”. But you know, put just enough creativity in there so that the listener has to think about whether this is good or not. Because if I’m going to be the metal equivalent of raw sewage, I might as well be sewage with boobs on it. Because let’s be real, even gay guys like boobs.


Deiquisitor – Deiquisitor ALBUM REVIEW

Fast, brutal maelstroms of chaos. That’s what you’ll find in Deiquisitor’s debut. The few riffs you’ll find here seem more like a jamble of notes rather than a full riff. Swirling chaos and destruction plague your ear like you’ve been trapped in an alternate dimension where all that is cursed has come to “rest” there for eternity. The vocals further the cause by being this sort of gurgling mess that sounds more like someone clearing their throat over and over again than anything else (I mean that in a good way). This s/t has a fantastic atmosphere that is in the vein of a much more brutal type of caverncore that’s the latest trend in death metal.

The problem is that’s all the album has going for it. Sure there are some really awesome ambient outros that further progress the albums motif, but they’re just outros, never incorporated throughout the rest of the album, other than the final (which is also an outro). So basically you’re going to be hearing the same shit for 34 minutes. Not that that’s totally bad, this is a very enjoyable album if you’re in the right mood for it. But it’s certainly not something I would recommend for everyone. But if you like some really chaotic death metal, this is the stuff for you.


Hag- Fear of Man ALBUM REVIEW

Extremely solid, if a bit ordinary Stoner Sludge, except really damn heavy. Reminds me a lot of if Electric Wizard wasn’t nearly as good at creating riffs. The vocals are absolutely perfect for the music. I feel like there is a medium between harsh, far out, strained, and soaring that you need in order to be great vocalist of a stoner band, and this guy nails it. Good stuff, I’d certainly give it a listen if you want a somewhat lo-fi, “show in a basement on a college campus” kind of music.