Solipsist -The Burning Mass ALBUM REVIEW

This was an album that I had hoped would be a diamond in the rough considering it’s relatively high rating with the few that it had. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the reason for that was all of the bands friends happened to rate this album before I did. That’s really the only explanation I can think of. Because this isn’t a melodic death metal album. I only put that there because that’s what it was tagged on RYM. The only melodic thing about this album is if you count chugging like a madman. And it’s the worst kind too, the kind that just fills space with the vocal breakdown. And even when there are melodies, none of them are even close to anything worthwhile. Although maybe I’m being to unkind to this album. Possibly this is because this wasn’t labeled deathcore so I wasn’t expecting this. And then I saw that an H was accidentally left capitalized in the track title on my issue of the album and all guilt was released.