Kadotettu – Ihmisyyden viimeiset askeleet

Too much black metal honestly. When working as this blackened, surreal and somber funeral doom (though, more just very slow and depressive black metal) record, the artists intentions of creating a look into suicide and evil is realized in a fantastic way. I love the piano, I love the relaxed and cold guitars, and I feel like I’m getting a unique experience. There’s just too many blast beats. I feel like the middle two tracks are just sort of there, more as filler than anything else, and when it gets aggressive, it loses all of what makes the music so enjoyable. The vocals are also a bit subpar, trying just a tiny bit too hard to be harsh I think. The album is a bit uneventful, but when it works, it works well, and I can truly say it’s the only one of it’s kind I’ve listened to this year.



Azaxul – The Fleshy Tomb

Really nice peice of atmoblack. I love how thin the production is, it gives this music a far out, wispy vibe, that at the same time doesn’t sound softer, or really stereo-typically “cold”. It’s sort of just ghostly, spectral even. It’s sort of a unique atmosphere that gives the music some flavor, even though the musical contents aren’t exactly anything new. I feel like it’s too long, especially since it lacks variety, however it was still very enjoyable for what it was.



Inquisition – Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith

Honestly, immensely disappointing. Tracks 9-11 were great, but I felt the rest of the album was repetitive and uninspiring. The vocals aren’t shocking like the band is famous for, and the riff work was very inconsistent. You had riffs like on the title track, and then you had the entire first half of the album, which felt like one long background buzz of boredom. I feel like there was just no goal with the music, it was just sort of aimlessly hypnotic and dark, without actually succeeding in being either. To top it all off, the album is immensely long, clocking in at 57 minutes and 13 tracks. If this was around 40 minutes, I think I could handle this, but again, the entire first half feels like one extended track, disregarding the 3 pointless intro/outro tracks. I don’t mind repetitive black metal, but there has to be some sort of goal in mind when making music like that, and here I feel like it’s just trying to be aimlessly occult without any of the creativity needed to do so. This album is a large production attempting to dive into a low production theme, and fails as a result.



Devil To Pay – A Bend Through Space and Time

Decent, not amazing. The tribute to lemmy song was pretty great lyrically (at least in an amusing way), but nothing else about the album even ventured above “it’s alright”. I honestly think the cover is the best part about that. How do you hate giant alien tits, in any context?