Upcoming Youtube video, changes to site

Hey guys, just giving ya’ll another update. My youtube video is almost done, and will be up either later tonight, or tomorrow. It’s going to be an ongoing segment called This Week in Metal, where I will outline the best, worse, and most important albums of that week. It’s kind of long (around 20+ minutes), but long fits into the youtube algorithm, and I think it’s in depth enough to warrant that length.

A quick change I want to announce is that now that I’m doing very long youtube videos at least once a week, I feel comfortable going back to doing blurbs on albums rather than 1k+ word reviews. I think now that I actually have something of worth to supplement the lack of words on reviews, I’ll be able to get to more albums, in exchange of saying less about them. I also decided that I will indeed upload all of them individually, just so that this site can more easily be a searchable database of my ratings (and this indecision of whether to do this is why I haven’t uploaded anything in a while). So yeah, there will now be daily uploads on this site, just not super long reviews anymore. Those will be on my youtube channel. Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope to see your support in the future.

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