I’M MOVING TO YOUTUBE (plus other announcements regarding the future of the site)

Hey guys, so this has been a long time coming, but I decided to finally make the move to youtube. Later this week you’ll see my first youtube video, which will be a list of the top albums of the year so far. I want to make a long winded explanation of everything, but I’m pretty sure this won’t get too many reads anyway, so I’ll be to the point. I’ve always wanted to eventually start a youtube channel anyway, and if anything this site was a way to build a bit of an audience to get a youtube channel started. Written reviews are great and fun to do, but let’s be real, people don’t read them, and I could write 2-3k words a day all I want, they’ll always get a fraction of the exposure that youtube videos do. Beyond the market, I feel like 2 things limit me in my creativity: 1. the need to write extended reviews for albums I really don’t have a lot to say about, and 2. the fact that I can only do so much with words compared to what I can do in a youtube video. What I envision is for this site to be a place where I post my youtube videos, and put blurbs for albums I listen to that aren’t going to show up on my youtube channel, while also being able to focus on high quality content that ISN’T just reviews. I want to do other things that aren’t reviews involving music, but it’s a bit hard to do that just in written for on a blog site. Overall I feel like this is the next step to achieving my goal of being a content creator for a living, and honestly one I should not have put off for this long. Hope to see you guys on my channel, I’ll post it on here when my first video is done!

10/10 best new youtube channel

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