Countless Skies – New Dawn

Really disappointed in this album. I was really looking forward to a good melo death record in a lifetime with so few of them, and if it was something I “discovered” that would be a bonus. Unfortunately, while there are some ok melodies, anything good about New Dawn is destroyed by the god awful production job. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against noisy production. In a lot of atmospheric records it’s a great idea and fits with the music perfectly. This is fucking melo death though. Since this is 2016, you are essentially playing heavier melodic metalcore with harsh(ish) vocals and fewer breakdowns. You do not need complete whitewashing. Your goal is not to be heavy, it’s not to immerse the listener, it’s to give some good tunes for them to jam to. And I’ll admit, if I could hear anything other than the buzz of the guitar I would probably like some of what I hear. I mean yeah, none of this shit is bonkers good, I don’t think the album ever flirts with more than a 7/10, but it would’ve been nice nonetheless. Basic, but nice. Unfortunately, as well as melodically being just “kinda nice”, Countless Skies tries to do this sub focus on being atmospheric, and heavily fails, resulting in a bit of a frustrating experience as a listener, but in the large scheme of things, one that I will absolutely forget.

Oh, and the mandolin (??) interludes were kinda weird and unnecessary. I’d try not doing that next album.


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