Convulse – Cycle of Revenge

You ever have an album that you really like, but then see that other people don’t like it and you’re like “shit maybe I’m listening to this wrong”? But then you listen again, and like you still like it, but you see where other people are coming from. But at the same time you’re not sure if agree or disagree with what everyone else is saying, so you’re in that middle spot where you want to hang on to your original opinion but at the same time not really. That’s where I am here. I could give this anywhere from a 5 to an 8 and it would make perfect sense. There’s some great technical and melodic passages, combined with some pretty cool use of tribal drumming, some interesting traditional doom elements, and all around lots of good music. But the vocals are like if they tried to pick the least fitting vocals that would still sound like shit even if they were fitting possible. I mean I’m exaggerating a little bit, but they go way low into the register for music that isn’t really guttural at all. And there’s just so much going on here, it’s like in high school biology where you find some pond scum and put it under a microscope. You see all these really cool things that are awesome but also kinda gross and creepy at the same time. As I’m about to finish this review I still haven’t given an idea of what score to give this. Imma give it a 6.75 because uh, fuck that sounds ok I guess.


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