Blood Ceremony – Lord of Misrule

This is the ultimate album for people who think that as long as you don’t do anything drastically awful, if you put in some kooky instrumentation, you’ll make a great album. Because that’s fucking wrong. What we get here is a completely droll snoozefest that tries to make up for that fact by shoving flutes up our eardrums. And not metaphorically, listening to this actually feels like someone is shoving a flute in my ear, but in a way where they’re trying to be soothing somehow. Like the metal is poking my brain tissue, and they’re all relaxed and going “dude what’s your issue, this is a special medicinal technique the Iroquois used. It’s from the earth man”. But by the time the album is done, I’m dead from internal bleeding and they are get arrested and and charged for first degree murder. I guess I win in a spiritual sense, but it’s not worth dying for.


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