Slave One – Disclosed Dioptric Principles

Weird as fuck album. It has some amazing riffs and composition, but then always has this random fucking shit that has nothing to do with the music in the slightest. It’ll have like middle eastern chanting, ominous Gregorian drones, african drums, and lots of other weird vocal and guitar effects that just come out of fucking no where to screw with the music. Like this isn’t even a folk album, they just put this shit in there seemingly because they could. It’d be like listening to Beyonce, and then have a 5 second tibetan throat singing interlude. It’s that off putting. I’m gonna give this a 7 anyway because I REALLY love the guitar work and riffage, and while there are some fuck bumps in the music, it’s nothing to completely take you out of the record entirely. Still worth a listen for some quality, if a bit bizzare tech death.


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