Seven Sisters of Sleep – Ezekiel’s Hags

Hello? Hey is this 2016 speaking?… Hi 2016, it’s Electric Lizard…. Yeah I’m doing good, just going through your albums like always. Say you know I’ve been thinking, there’s something missing from your catalog so far this year. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve had some great albums so far, it’s just that… yeah I know you’re trying your best… yeah Cthe’ilest was pretty damn cool… listen I’m not saying you’ve been bad this year but something has been a bit lacking. So I wanted to ask you a favor. Could you maybe make a you know, good sludge album? I mean yeah Bloodiest wasn’t bad but you know, that’s a lot more post-metal than anything else… yes I know it’s technically called atmospheric sludge metal… uh huh… yeah… look what I want is something that’s really grimey and hard, just pure sludgey goodness… what’s that? You got one for me?! Awww thanks 2016 you’re the best! Does it have those guitar shrieks?… it does?… it doesn’t go full Meth Drinker and abuse it thought, does it?… no?! Man you know 2016, you’re a pretty great guy after all! Hey how about we grab lunch sometime, my treat?… Oh, you’re busy? Oh well uh, that’s ok, I’m not a huge fan of lunch anyway, haha. Anyway it was great talking to yo- hello?… you there? 2016 please answer I don’t have any other friends to talk to. Hello? Hello?!



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