Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens

You know what the genre of melo death needs right now? What this stale, lifeless, core infected genre that’s been dead since the early 2000s needs? It needs chugging and repetitive melodies. Lots of them. No wait, that’s not enough, we need to go further down the dante’s metal cancer inferno. Let’s add some pointless electronic elements. Just because you know, fuck it, when I woke today, as I got my morning coffee and stared out into the frozen wasted, the sun hidden behind endless fucking amounts of snow. I looked out and said to myself “jesus fuck I hate finland, I’m gonna be cancer today to cope with that fact”. But you know, put just enough creativity in there so that the listener has to think about whether this is good or not. Because if I’m going to be the metal equivalent of raw sewage, I might as well be sewage with boobs on it. Because let’s be real, even gay guys like boobs.


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