Desolated – The End ALBUM REIVEW

I feel like the initial slight backlash at this album is simply because people are going to hate anything that has “core” in its genre tag (except grindcore for some reason) regardless of content. Because despite not being the most innovative record out there, The End is actually pretty dang good. The guitar tone is really fantastic, and I love most of the riffs, despite being chug based. The production is spot on, being extremely clean and well done, while maintaining enough fuzz to sound hard as fuck. Sure it doesn’t have the most variety in the world, but that can’t really be too expect of the genre.

But I will say that it would’ve been nice to have. While I don’t expect beatdown albums to have too much variety, I feel like the 24 minutes just wasn’t enough time with the music to make it have any impact on me. I mean yes, it’s probably good that it wasn’t 50 minutes of the same shit over and over again, but I feel like a 35 minute record with some samples, or any kind of slight genre hop would’ve hit the spot. But overall for the most this is a really solid record.

Then there are the lyrics. The very audible, cringe inducing lyrics. It sounds sort of like that one dude at the gym you know who’s trying to finally open up emotionally to you for the first time, but like he’s really bad at describing himself because he’s not used to being anything but a hunk of meat. So he keeps talking and it all sounds really stupid because he’s using really basic words and cliché phrases that he thinks he invented, but you can’t really say anything because you know he’s trying his best. And then when he’s done he asks you if you “feel him” and you just say “yeah bro, I feel ya” because even though it was really awful you know it’s a big step for him plus you don’t want to get your face beat in. Then he gives you a lung crushing hug and starts crying, which makes the whole thing really awkward because everyone else in the gym is staring and he didn’t even ask if he could open up to you in the first place, he just started talking, so you weren’t prepared in the slightest. It all ends with emotions conflicting between sympathy and embarrassment, along with a ruined workout. That’s about the gist of it.

Regardless, I had fun with this, despite it being an album with relatively low scope in what it does. Desolated does a good job with an overall trash filled genre, and I think that anyone with an open mind about genre labels can enjoy.


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