Deiquisitor – Deiquisitor ALBUM REVIEW

Fast, brutal maelstroms of chaos. That’s what you’ll find in Deiquisitor’s debut. The few riffs you’ll find here seem more like a jamble of notes rather than a full riff. Swirling chaos and destruction plague your ear like you’ve been trapped in an alternate dimension where all that is cursed has come to “rest” there for eternity. The vocals further the cause by being this sort of gurgling mess that sounds more like someone clearing their throat over and over again than anything else (I mean that in a good way). This s/t has a fantastic atmosphere that is in the vein of a much more brutal type of caverncore that’s the latest trend in death metal.

The problem is that’s all the album has going for it. Sure there are some really awesome ambient outros that further progress the albums motif, but they’re just outros, never incorporated throughout the rest of the album, other than the final (which is also an outro). So basically you’re going to be hearing the same shit for 34 minutes. Not that that’s totally bad, this is a very enjoyable album if you’re in the right mood for it. But it’s certainly not something I would recommend for everyone. But if you like some really chaotic death metal, this is the stuff for you.


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