The Lion’s Daughter – Existence is Horror

I really wanted to like this, because really aggressive noisy sludge is a favorite of mine. However somehow, I leave listening to this completely unimpressed. It has some good riffage, the vocals are great, and the musical texture is exactly what I love, but I feel like this album just lacks so much personality. It feels like the band created this with the idea of mixing black metal and sludge, and then didn’t actually think of what else to put into the album. It’s like the entire purpose of this record is just for its genre mix, nothing more. It doesn’t help that this record is extremely short, meaning what value you do get from listening is not prolonged at all.

Existence is Horror, and also occasionally very bland and unmemorable. There’s a lot of good here, but none of that is expanded upon or added to anything. In the end, The Lion’s Daughter created a record that just goes in one ear and out the other, a passing experience in a lifetime of many others.


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