Wanzwa – Wanzwa IV ALBUM REVIEW

Well I did it, I actually listened to this entire fucking album. And afterwards, all I can say is that I wasted 80 minutes. Is the musicianship here good, I guess. Are there some good ideas in here, at some points, yes. But therein lies the problem. Nothing about this album is necessarily bad, but you get 80 minutes of only ok material. No breaks either, it’s just straight djenty guitar playing for almost an hour and a half.  My ears legitimately had to be popped after listening to this, and I actually felt tired because of it, with no reward to compensate.

I normally really like instrumental progressive albums that have ideas that flow and evolve to tell a sort of story. I didn’t feel like I listened to a novel however, it felt more like I had just read 400 page, very dense math textbook, cover to cover, the difference being I didn’t learn anything useful. And I can only imagine that these guys really thought they were creating a spectacular epic with this album. I feel like this is the instrumental equivalent to ESC’s lyrics, full of undeserved pretension and superiority complex. They think the music they’re making is so quirky and cool but it’s really just dull and has been done better by many other bands.

Also is that fucking Jerry Messing with googly eyes on the cover? Because I can’t not see that. I’d like to imagine it is, simply because I imagine those are the kind of people that create music like this.


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