Shining – International Blackjazz Society ALBUM REVIEW

This is essentially buttrock with loopy saxophones. The jazz that is in this album consists of erratic wailing on the sax, while surrounded by rolling drums and crashing symbols, creating a chaotic storm that would be perfect as an intro to a jazz influenced metal track… but not to whatever the hell comes afterwards. Despite being called the International Blackjazz Society, there is very little black, or jazz in this album in the slightest. Instead you get a sorry excuse for an Industrial / jazz mashup that ends up sounding more like if new Metallica tried to do Industrial metal. Make no mistake, this album is a cash grab, there’s no doubt about it. If you sought this looking for any semblance of quality, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with one of the least intelligently crafted major albums this year.
“Don’t tell me what to say, I’ll always disobey”
Give me a fucking break.


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