Enshine – Singularity ALBUM REVIEW

Emulating space is challenge lots of bands try to accomplish and often fail at. The kicker is that they try to do this by simply putting some spacey ambient sections, and maybe some production effects with the guitars. Unfortunately, this album is absolutely no different. Singularity brings out all the stops to make sure you feel like you’re taking a ride amongst the cosmos, but unfortunately you’ll end up feeling more like you’re in a planetarium, a shitty high school one at that. I tried really hard to get into this, and really feel what Enshine was trying to put on me. But I just couldn’t do it. It’s overproduced, it’s soft, it’s bland, it’s got plenty of that wonderful chugging that we all love, and it elicited absolutely no emotional response in me. In all, it’s an album that’ll go in one ear and out the other, something that’s nothing more than background music. Perhaps it’s fitting for this album to just be another asteroid amongst the vastness of space. After all, what better way to describe space than empty?


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