Avatarium – The Girl With the Raven Mask ALBUM REVIEW

When the makers of two of the best Doom Metal acts out there (Candlemass and Tiamat) come together to make music, you can only expect greatness from it. The Girl With the Raven Mask absolutely brings that, delivering a top notch doom metal performance that perfectly balances the line between over the top cheese, and serious gloom. It almost feels like what a pop-doom metal album would sound like if that were such a thing. Catchy, if a bit corny, lyrics with distinct choruses and refrains, all played in a very clean and up-front style that delivers you the doom, no bullshit added on. But what I really think this album excels at is knowing when to scale back. Sure there are plenty of times it could’ve revved up that ham meter, but instead chose to quiet down and give us some time to reflect. Very much one of the top doom metal albums of the year, if a bit straightforward for an exceptionally high score.


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