Wardaemonic – Obsequium ALBUM REVIEW

I feel really bad for this album. It’s absolutely fantastic, but I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it because of how absurdly cold my room is. Then again, maybe that just adds to the atmosphere. Anyway, this has the perfect combination between atmosphere, production, and rawness. Normally black metal albums will favor one over the other and the other sides will suffer because of that. It’ll rely too much on atmosphere, the production will be way too clean, or it’s so raw it’s silly. This doesn’t do any of those things. It helps that the vocals are also really fantastic, and at the perfect volume I might add (far away from the music to seem like it’s a struggle to say them, but close enough so that you can hear them well). Endless War and Obsequium are the absolute highlights of the album that does everything in the right ratio, and has a sick album cover art to boot.


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