The Vintage Caravan – Arrival ALBUM REVIEW

With a name like The Vintage Caravan, one would expect something that sounds, well, vintage. And to a point, they would be correct. This album very much has a lot of vintage influences in it. However, like I said, it’s to a point. Caravan does a great job of taking some vintage sounds and putting a modern twist on them. It’s a bit hard to explain, but listening to Arrival makes you think that this isn’t something that you would ever hear in the 70s. It feels distinctly like it comes from 2015. And that’s pretty damn refreshing if I do say so myself. Caravan doesn’t feel like they’re trying to copy anyone, which is the typical MO of pretty much any hard/stoner/and many progressive rock bands. I want to especially mention the closing track Winter Queen. The vocal delivery is very much vintage, however the music is heavy and large in scope, rather than mimicking the very smallish and down to earth feel of most 60s and 70s rock. It feels like a climax, and is a very fitting end to the album. The downside is while the sound is unique and well done, nothing about Arrival really feels like it belongs in the elite category of albums. It’s very solid, but nothing above that. Still, I’d very much recommend this to someone who wants to get something new out of the hard/progressive rock genre.

As a note, there are very little actual metal influences in this album, but I figured I’d add it anyway, since I already have just pure stoner rock albums here, and I already rated it anyway.


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