Terminus – The Reaper’s Spiral ALBUM REVIEW

I was drawn by the high rating, hoping to look for something good that was overlooked. I haven’t seen a lot of heavy metal releases this year, so I was surprised when this had over a 4 rating after 15 ratings. That must mean something good is up right? Or it could just be heavy metal fanboyism, which it in fact, is. There is absolutely nothing worth listening to in this album, it generic heavy metal that trades any sort of melody or progression with abusing the rhythm guitar. Strumming the chord progression without any sort of actual melody, followed by occasionally a shitty solo, that’s every track on The Reaper’s Spiral. That’s actually what surprised me the most, the solos weren’t even remotely good. That’s one of the hardest things to fuck up in heavy metal and somehow this band manged to do that. I’m actually giving this lower than a generic score, which is what you get for fucking up things that should be pretty much impossible to fuck up. There’s not even any showmanship to make up for it, these sound like the solos someone would come up with in beginner high school jazz band. Extremely disappointing album, especially after I looked forever to find it.


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