Skeletal Remains – Condemned to Misery ALBUM REVIEW

I really need to work on not having a lot to say on albums I love. At this point, this is the death metal album of the year, possibly THE album of the year. While this lacks any sort of innovation you’d typically see in an AOTY candidate, it makes up for in being essentially the perfect death metal album. The vocals are a bit heavier than Death’s but similar in style, very much incredibly old school. Condemned to Misery does a great job at recreating an old school sound, while still having some modern twists. While the heavy emphasis on riffs (which are amazing by the way), classic song structure, vocals, and much of the guitar tone are classic death metal, the production is quite modern and clean, and there are instances of a more modern tech death like guitar tone. It feels like the perfect blend between the two eras that I have never actually heard captured like this.

The length is also absolutely perfect, being short enough to not over extend, but just long enough to make you feel satisfied. And can I again just say how much I fucking love the riffs here? There isn’t a single bad riff on this album, and I’d even go further than that and say every riff on this album is at least great. And that they can focus so much on riffs and not make it feel like a tech death album is incredible, never do you not think you’re listening to a classic death metal style album.

The only really debate I have about this is whether or not to give it a perfect score or not. I’m not going to because I feel like in order to get that perfect score, you need to innovate to a greater degree than this album does. But god damn is it close to that 10/10. I might go revisit some of my other top records to see if this really is AOTY or not, but regardless, everyone should listen to this album, especially if you’re a fan of good death metal.

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