Shining / Enslaved – Shining on the Enslaved ALBUM REVIEW

It’s hard to make an album that is absolutely devoid of anything interesting in it. Normally there’s at least one thing about the album, or one track that stands out. Nope, this is one of the most boring albums I’ve heard in a long time. Which is weird, because you would think two highly praised bands would come up with someone amazing, but nope, this is just nothing. It has some progressive elements to it, but nothing that actually captures your attention. Even the fast and “raw” last track that doesn’t fit with the rest of the album doesn’t stand out, as it’s like the musical equivalent of watching somebody paint a fence, it’s mundane and absolutely unspecial. Sure the overall sound is good, which is why it doesn’t have a lower score, but anything other than average would be disingenuous.


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