Shepherd – Stereolithic Riffalocalypse ALBUM REVIEW

Some many artists fail to do good stoner doom. They’ll get the vocals right, but the instrumentation will be off. Or more commonly, they’ll get the instrumentation right, but nothing else about it has anything to do with stoner doom. I’ve seen stoner doom with death vocals before. It doesn’t work . In honesty, it isn’t a hard formula. Mostly clean vocals with some screaming for emphasis, sung as if the person is stoned and crying our their troubles in blues like fashion, and then instrumentals that are psychedelic, but dirty as you can be. But above all, the atmosphere has to be relaxed, relaxed, and more relaxed. A good stoner doom album is something that you can get totally lost in and lose your mind to, without putting any kind of extreme stress on you.

This album does all of that and more. The vocals, the instrumentation, the everything. And they make it dirty. The opening riff on track two, “Turdspeak”, is like the title implies, the musical equivalent of someone taking a shit. I mean that in a good way. Coupled with the far out pseudo-ambient track in the background, and it’s really the highlight of the album. Though really, the entire album is a highlight in itself, it’s really that good. To boot, these guys are from India of all places, far removed from any kind of prominent stoner culture. You wouldn’t know it by listening to this album. Definitely an AOTY contender, and at the very least, it’ll be really hard to top this for Stoner Doom AOTY.


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