Saturnian Mist – Chaos Magick ALBUM REVIEW

Whoever produced this album really hated this band, and didn’t want them to be heard at all. The vocals on this are so far distant that it sounds more like whispers than actual vocals. The guitars are hollow and empty sounding, but the strange part is they’re not exactly quiet, which makes it seem odd that the vocals sound like they’re being sung from 50ft away, while the instruments are relatively fine. Other than this is an alright album, nothing really special about it. It really doesn’t deserve a 52 minute runtime though, they don’t have enough ideas for that. Really I think the only reason I’m giving this a 5 instead of maybe a 4 or 3 is because I don’t think it quite deserves the abyssal score it has now on RYM (2.38, and that was after I rated it), so I gave it a 2.5 just so I could give it the biggest boost I could without feeling bad about it. I need to stop being so nice.


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