Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors ALBUM REVIEW

First off, I want to say that the vocals on this are fantastic. This is some of the best user of female vocals in metal I’ve heard. The album sounds good, great even, but the problem is that it tends to use many of the same techniques in their songs over and over again. They abuse the fuck out of the IV9 to the V chord harmonic minor. It’s a nice progression, but it gets old fast. There are various other similar progressions they use way too much, to the point where their songs start to sound the same. It seems to me at least that the album really consists of two types of songs; minor key song with the previously said progression before any sort of resolution, or major key songs that are light and happy, which still probably at some point use that progression. You really can’t just do the same thing over and over again and expect to make anything more than just a “good” album. I will give them credit, given how limited their song structure is, they do a very good job at creating a great sound. I would say this is a maximization of talent that is good on timbre, but bad on variable structure.


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