Pitbulls in the Nursery – Equanimity ALBUM REVIEW

I feel like I should like this… but I don’t. There’s just something off about this album. Yeah it does great tension building, and yeah it has some ok riffs but… it feels like the band is trying too hard. It’s like they’re purposely trying to make this album feel dark and foreboding. And yes, I realize that most albums do intentionally try to create the atmosphere that they try to portray, that much is obvious. But this feels forced. Unnatural. It feels like Pitbulls is trying TOO hard. Like it’s pulling out all the cliched stops in order to make sure you feel a certain way. It doesn’t help that most tracks sound very similar, mostly based on the same riff and chord progression, and there’s just WAY too much chugging. So while yes, I do feel like this has a lot of elements to a good album, it doesn’t feel natural, and there’s just not near enough variety for me to give this a really good score.


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